Director Branding 

Knode.AI is an AI-assisted technology with you in control. Knode.AI helps you complete tasks through Slack, so you can get more done in less time and focus attention where it matters. 

In 2023, Knode.AI  approached Soled NYC to brand the startup before their launch. 

Our goal was to create a knowledgeable and approachable brand - eventually dropping the AI after fund raising.

Below is a look at the brand work which included the brand  identity work and guidelines.

With Knode you can turn 🤔 into 😃 with AI-assisted tasks on tap. Empower your business to 10x productivity and delight employees.

The key world being delight.

During demos, users’ first reaction is surprise and delight on how this tool would make their workflow much easier.

I wanted to capture that reaction with the logo mark and typeface.

After several iterations, I created an abstract windmill star as the a logomark.

The logotype set primarily in LotusEden font with a custom K letter.