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One of my first pitches was at FCB (previously Draft) for Nivea’s New Years Eve Event 2012. Nivea wanted to be the indispensable element in the kissing experience. My partner, Judson-Jean Mary and I touched on a valuable and often visible insight-

Before every kiss, there’s a hint.

We created Nivea Kiss Cues - to get you the kiss you would otherwise had missed.

Nivea will promote the Kiss Cues through their Facebook page. Once there, consumers will be directed to upload photos of a special kiss & share the sign that lead to that moment. They'll also be invited to download the “Kiss Cue” app in time for the New Year’s couples competition in Times Square.

Leading up to New Year’s Eve, a billboard in Time Square will introduce each cue as images of couples kissing flash on the main screen and the sign that initiated each kiss.

During New Year’s Eve, partiers will be invited to send “Kiss Cues” to their SO through Nivea’s app and billboard. In this way, the campaign inaugurates the New Year along with thousands of kisses. Choose your Cue, your crush and send directly to the billboard in Times Square.

Furthermore, Nivea will introduce the new symbol for initiating a kiss:
The Nivea Kiss Cue: This symbol, the application of lip balm, becomes a commonly recognized signal for initiating a kiss. The Nivea Kiss Cue will be continuous through other promotional periods, such as Valentines Day and Christmas, making this a sustainable campaign throughout the year.