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Below is a selection of product ideas I’ve concepted and designed for new business pitches, events and personally. Concepts/branding/motion design




STRATEGY: Rebrand Marriott to go after millennial travelers specifically.
INSIGHT: The hotel checkout in the enemy to sleep.
IDEA: Marriott Mobile: Rollocate
AD/CW: Lucy Sole

Rollocate is a new approach to your hotel check out. For every minute you depart earlier than check out, your time rolls over to your next stay at a Marriott. Instead of being committed to a set departure time, you can choose exactly when you have to wake up - as it should be on your vacation.
Roll over to Roll over: Rollocate.
This feature was incorporated in the Marriott app.

Your minutes are managed with the ROLLOCATE APP. Extra time can be used towards a later checkout during a future stay, the purchase of items found within the hotel, and other merchandise or events from the Marriott's partners.