Stags’ Leap:
Building World No. 5

In 2022 while working at Annex88 as a freelance creative director, I lead the storyboarding and production - in partnership with Rezonate and artist John Rego  - in the creation the Stag’s Leap World No. 5 and it’s social video series.

The series - based on the winery’s rich, vibrant and mysterious history - includes tales of ghosts, mummies, mischievous monkeys, and “shady” dealings at Stags' Leap Manor. Some are documented, some are passed on by word of mouth, and some are pure speculation.

Like the legend of the Stag, viewers will have to decide whether they believe everything they hear, and see.
Find the videos on their Instagram.

Behind-the-scenes video with our artist John Rego about his process creating artwork for the series.

Below are before and after images we referenced to create renderings of the winery as it was in the 19th century.